Evolis launches a new paper card range

  The ideal alternative to PVC Cards for businesses wishing to reduce their plastic consumption without compromising quality.  

A Global Environmental Concern

Environmental concerns are integrated at all levels of the company and at all stages of its activity.

The product’s design is for instance integrated into an eco-responsible approach thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment of printers that allows us to design products that are more respectful of the environment.

The new Paper Cards Range is part of this Evolis global strategy which responds to a structural environmental concern from both our customers and the General Public.


Paper Cards' Main Features

•  Earth-friendly: FSC - Forest Stewardship Council - Certified, recyclable, without any plastic. 
•  Attractive: high-perceived value thanks to premium feel
•  Functional: fully compliant with ISO Industry standards


Printer Compatibility

•  Edikio FLEX/Edikio DUPLEX


Available for Multiple Applications

Evolis paper cards are recommended for short-term use: 
• Events
• Visitor identification
• Luggage tags ...
...or for cards facing low physical stress (gift cards, loyalty cards) when color personalization is not required.


What about Plastic Cards?

Paper cards will not replace plastic cards completely. PVC cards have still no equivalent for multiple applications, including banking, government or education.

Durable and secured, only plastic cards can today combine visual and technological identification.