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Revolutionizing Patient Care: AGen Scan and Print Labels

Thursday, September 21, 2023 2:25:32 PM Asia/Singapore

Agen Scan and Print

In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. One technology that's making waves in hospitals across the globe is AGen scan and print labels. This innovative system is transforming patient tracking, simplifying the process of monitoring patient location, treatment progress, and medical records. Let's delve into the steps to harness the power of AGen scan and print labels for enhanced patient care.

Step 1: Select the Right Tools

The foundation of any successful system is choosing the right hardware. Start by picking a barcode mobile computer and a mobile label printer recommended by the AGen software. Ensure they are user-friendly and equipped with the necessary features to meet your specific hospital's needs. It's always a good practice to consult with an AGen expert for guidance.

Step 2: Customize Unique Barcodes

AGen scan and print labels thrive on individuality. Set up the AGen software to generate unique barcodes for each patient. These barcodes should be packed with essential patient information, including their name, medical record number, and precise location within the hospital. This personalized touch is key to efficient tracking.

Step 3: Printing Patient Labels

With your equipment in place and your software configured, proceed to print labels or wristbands for every patient. These labels should prominently feature the patient's barcode and include additional relevant information such as their name and medical record number. This step is crucial for accurate identification.

Step 4: Secure Label Attachment

Now, it's time to attach the label to the patient's wristband. Make certain that it's securely fastened, easily visible, and can be scanned without hindrance. This ensures the smooth operation of the tracking system.

Step 5: Real-time Tracking

The real magic begins with the use of the barcode mobile computer equipped with a scanner. As patients are admitted, moved between departments, or discharged, scan their wristbands. This simple action automatically updates the patient's location in the AGen system, providing real-time and accurate data about their whereabouts. It's a game-changer for hospital staff seeking to stay informed and organized.

Step 6: Seamless Integration

Lastly, ensure the complete circle of patient care by integrating the AGen software with your hospital's patient database. This integration allows you to track not only patient locations but also their medical records, treatment plans, and test results. Such comprehensive insight empowers healthcare providers to monitor patient progress and deliver tailored care with precision.

By embracing AGen scan and print labels for patient tracking, hospitals can revolutionize their operations. The benefits are numerous: increased efficiency, reduced errors, and, most importantly, improved patient care. With AGen, hospitals are taking a bold step into the future of healthcare management. Patient-centric, precise, and efficient – that's the promise of AGen scan and print labels.

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Revolutionize Your Operations with the Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 1:53:39 PM Asia/Singapore

Honeywell EDA52

In today's fast-paced business world, seamless connectivity is the key to success. The Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52, an enterprise-class mobile computer, is here to transform the way you connect your frontline workers with backend systems across various industries.

Whether you're in retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, or public service, the Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52 is tailored to meet your specific needs. Here's why it's the game-changer you've been waiting for:

Reliable Connectivity: Say goodbye to downtime and communication glitches. The Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52 offers a rock-solid connection that ensures your team stays connected no matter where they are.

Security at Its Best: Protecting sensitive data is paramount. With advanced security features, your business can rest easy knowing that data transmission between your frontline workers and backend systems is safeguarded against potential threats.

Tailored for Every Industry: Versatility is at the heart of the Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52. Whether you're tracking inventory, managing patient records, or streamlining public services, this mobile computer is your all-in-one solution.

Efficiency Redefined: Boost productivity and streamline operations with a device designed for optimal performance. The Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52 empowers your team to work smarter and faster.

Future-Ready: With evolving technology, it's essential to invest in solutions that adapt. The Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52 is built to keep up with your changing needs, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, the Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52 is more than just a mobile computer; it's a catalyst for growth and efficiency. Whether you're in retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, or public service, this device has the power to revolutionize your operations and elevate your business to new heights. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the future of connectivity and productivity—make the Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52 your choice today.

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Revolutionize Your Bakery Business with Edikio Price Tag Solutions

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 1:48:57 PM Asia/Singapore

Bakery - Edikio Price Tag Solutions


In the competitive world of bakery business, presentation is key. From mouthwatering pastries to delectable cakes, your creations deserve to be showcased in the best possible way. Yet, there's one often-overlooked aspect that can make a significant difference in your bakery's appeal – pricing and labeling.

Enter Edikio Price Tag Solutions, a game-changer for bakeries looking to enhance their customer experience and streamline their operations. In this blog post, we'll explore how Edikio's innovative pricing solutions can revolutionize your bakery business.

The Challenge: Traditional Labeling vs. Modern Solutions

Traditional handwritten labels have long been the go-to method for pricing baked goods. However, this approach comes with its fair share of challenges:

Time-Consuming: Writing out labels by hand is a time-consuming task that could be better spent elsewhere.

Inconsistency: Handwriting can vary from one staff member to another, leading to inconsistency in labeling.

Smudging and Clarity Issues: Handwritten labels are susceptible to smudging and can be challenging to read, potentially frustrating customers.

Edikio Price Tag Solutions: The Game-Changer for Bakeries

Edikio offers a comprehensive range of price tag solutions tailored to the unique needs of bakery businesses. Here's how Edikio can transform your bakery operations:

Professional and Customizable Labels: With Edikio, you can create professional, visually appealing price tags that align with your bakery's brand and aesthetics. Customize fonts, colors, and designs to match your unique style.

Effortless Price Updates: Say goodbye to the eraser and sticky note brigade! Edikio makes it a breeze to update prices and product information, ensuring that your labels are always accurate.

Food Safety Compliance: Edikio's solutions are designed with food safety in mind. You can trust that your labels meet industry standards, keeping your customers informed and safe.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Printing labels on-demand means less waste and more time for your team to focus on what they do best – creating delicious treats.

Customer Experience: The Edikio Difference

In the bakery business, first impressions matter. Edikio's professional and clear pricing labels enhance your customers' experience in several ways:

Clarity: Customers can easily read product names and prices, reducing any confusion or frustration.

Trust: Professionally printed labels convey a sense of professionalism and reliability.

Aesthetics: Visually appealing labels add to the overall appeal of your bakery, making it more inviting.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Bakery Business with Edikio

In today's competitive market, every advantage counts. Edikio Price Tag Solutions offer a simple yet powerful way to transform your bakery's image and operations. Say goodbye to the hassles of handwritten labels and embrace a new era of efficiency, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

Ready to take your bakery to the next level? Contact Edikio today and discover how their innovative solutions can revolutionize your business. Elevate your bakery, one label at a time!

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Agen Data Collector


Are you ready to revolutionize your data collection process? Allow us to introduce AGen Data Collector – a powerful tool designed to streamline, store, and supercharge data management. Let's delve into what makes AGen the go-to choice for collecting, managing, and analyzing diverse data types.

The AGen Advantage

AGen Data Collector is a versatile Android and web-based program tailored to simplify data handling. It seamlessly operates on most Android-based mobile devices, making it accessible to a wide audience. Here's why AGen stands out:

1. Automation for Effortless Data Collection

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual data entry! AGen automates data collection, reducing errors and effort. You can create custom data collection forms, define fields, and set validation rules with ease. Even non-tech-savvy users will find our user-friendly interface intuitive.


2. Powerful Features at Your Fingertips

AGen Data Collector offers a wealth of features:

Form Designer: Craft custom forms and questionnaires with various question types, including text fields and photo uploads.

Data Capture: Gather data from multiple sources, including manual entry, barcode scanning, OCR reading*, and RFID capture*.

Data Validation: Ensure data accuracy by validating inputs against predefined criteria.

Data Storage: Safely store your collected data in secure, centralized systems, including databases and cloud-based solutions.

Data Integration: Seamlessly connect with other systems or databases, facilitating data transfer and synchronization via Excel or text files.

Data Analysis: Gain valuable insights from your collected data with AGen's built-in analysis and reporting tools.

Collaboration and Sharing: Enhance teamwork by sharing data collection forms, assigning tasks, and managing access permissions.

Wide-ranging Applications

Data collection software, like AGen Data Collector, finds its place in various fields:

Market Research: Gather crucial market insights efficiently.

Academic Research: Streamline data collection for research projects.

Customer Surveys: Easily collect and analyze customer feedback.

Employee Feedback: Enhance workplace engagement with insightful data.

Healthcare Data Collection: Simplify data gathering for healthcare professionals.

These tools not only streamline the data collection process but also boost accuracy, elevating the efficiency of data-driven workflows.

*Please note that specific device models may be required for OCR or RFID reading.

AGen Data Collector is your key to efficient, error-free data collection and analysis. Elevate your data workflows with AGen today!

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Elevate Your Event with Edikio Flex's Premium Black Card Printing Solution

Friday, September 8, 2023 3:27:09 PM Asia/Singapore

Are you searching for a way to make your event truly stand out? Look no further than our top-tier Black Card Printing Solution by Edikio Flex. In this blog, we'll delve into how this card printing solution can transform your event into a memorable and exclusive experience.

Luxurious Door Gifts and Elegant Goodie Bags

Imagine welcoming your guests with impeccably designed customized black plastic cards. These are more than just cards; they represent exclusivity and set the tone for an exceptional event.

Sleek and Stylish Event Goodie Bags

Edikio Flex's Black Card Printing extends to creating stylish event goodie bags that perfectly match the sophistication of your event. These aren't your typical goodie bags; they're a reflection of your event's prestige.

Exquisite Event Souvenirs and Delightful Goodies

Within these stylish bags, you can include the finest event souvenirs and goodies. Picture your guests receiving carefully curated items that enhance their event experience and serve as cherished keepsakes.

Well-crafted event Programs and Informative Materials

Of course, a well-organized event deserves an equally well-designed program and information materials. Our Black Card Printing solution includes the creation of event programs and information packages that not only guide your guests but also serve as enduring mementos.

Personalization at Its Finest

What truly sets Edikio Flex's Black Card Printing apart is the level of personalization it offers. Every element can be tailored to align perfectly with your event's theme, branding, and message. From the cards to the bags and everything in between, it's all about you and your event.

In essence, when you choose Edikio Flex's Black Card Printing Solution, you're not just opting for printed materials; you're choosing an elevated event experience that lingers in the memories of your guests long after the event has concluded.

Make a statement. Create unforgettable memories. Elevate your event with Edikio Flex's Premium Black Card Printing Solution.

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Revolutionize Your Scanning Experience with the GFS4500 Scan Module

Thursday, September 7, 2023 2:29:07 PM Asia/Singapore


Are you tired of dealing with complex setups and integration hassles? Say hello to a new era of effortless scanning with the GFS4500 scan module! This highly versatile and compact device is here to redefine the way you approach barcode scanning, whether you're managing kiosks or developing cutting-edge machinery.

The GFS4500 scan module is designed with versatility in mind. It's the perfect solution for scanning barcodes in kiosks and serves as an OEM barcode reader for machine manufacturers looking to enhance their self-service offerings. Its compact size and multiple fixing points ensure a seamless fit into any enclosure, making installation a breeze.

But that's not all - the GFS4500 doesn't stop at simplicity; it also offers customization for specialized applications. For industries like medical analysis or access control, the "naked" version, GFE4500, takes flexibility to the next level. With this variant, you have the freedom to tailor the scanning experience to your unique needs, providing a truly bespoke solution.

What sets the GFS4500 apart is its cutting-edge technology packaged in a space-saving design. It combines efficiency, adaptability, and innovation to simplify your scanning processes and help you stay ahead in your industry.

Say farewell to the complexities of yesterday and embrace the future of scanning technology with the GFS4500. It's time to experience seamless integration and unparalleled versatility like never before. Don't miss out on this game-changing device that's set to elevate your scanning capabilities to new heights.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023 3:42:33 PM Asia/Singapore

Honeywell Partner Certificate - ALC Technologies Pte Ltd

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Unveiling the Honeywell ScanPal EDA57: Transforming Enterprise Mobility with 5G

Thursday, August 31, 2023 9:34:02 AM Asia/Singapore


In the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise technology, the Honeywell ScanPal EDA57 mobile computer emerges as a game-changer. This cutting-edge device, equipped with 5G capabilities, redefines the way frontline workers engage with backend business systems, facilitating seamless and swift data interactions.

A Convergence of Speed and Efficiency

The Honeywell ScanPal EDA57 stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of efficiency in the modern business world. By harnessing the power of 5G, this enterprise-class mobile computer empowers frontline workers with the ability to engage in rapid and large-scale data exchanges. This leap in connectivity opens new avenues for productivity, enabling teams to collaborate in real time and make informed decisions on the fly.

Crafted for the Realities of Work

One of the standout features of the EDA57 is its thoughtful design, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of various industries. Its lightweight construction ensures that workers can carry it with ease, enhancing their mobility and reducing fatigue. Additionally, the rugged exterior guarantees durability, allowing the EDA57 to thrive in environments that range from bustling retail floors to the challenges of manufacturing floors and public service arenas.

Versatility Redefined

The versatility of the Honeywell ScanPal EDA57 knows no bounds. It finds its stride in sectors where efficiency and accuracy are paramount. From the fast-paced realm of retail, where inventory management requires split-second decisions, to the intricate web of transportation and logistics, where precise tracking is essential, the EDA57 rises to the occasion. It seamlessly integrates into the heart of manufacturing processes, streamlining operations, and becomes an indispensable tool in the toolkit of public service, aiding in tasks that uphold the fabric of society.


The Honeywell ScanPal EDA57 mobile computer represents a convergence of cutting-edge technology and real-world practicality. Its 5G capabilities usher in a new era of data interactions for frontline workers, while its durability and versatility make it an indispensable asset across multiple industries. As we embrace this technological stride, it's clear that the EDA57 is not just a device; it's a catalyst for efficiency, collaboration, and progress.

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Optimize your warehouse efficiency with the Zebra MC3300 and Agen Software!

Monday, August 28, 2023 2:13:57 PM Asia/Singapore

The MC3300 can be used for inventory management, order picking, and shipping and receiving. AGen software is designed to work seamlessly with the MC3300, providing real-time data on inventory levels, order status, and more. Together, the Zebra MC3300 and AGen software streamline processes and reduce errors to help warehouse managers improve efficiency.
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Skorpio X5: Unleashing Power, Ruggedness, and Performance in Data Capture

Thursday, August 24, 2023 2:54:41 PM Asia/Singapore

Skorpio x5 advertisement

Skorpio X5: Unleashing Power, Ruggedness, and Performance in Data Capture

In the realm of enterprise challenges in Data Capture, one name stands out: Skorpio X5. This fully rugged, key-based mobile computer takes the lead in tackling even the most formidable obstacles. It's the cutting-edge evolution of the Datalogic Skorpio family, tailored to excel across various data collection scenarios – from bustling distribution centers to dynamic retail setups. Boasting a lightweight and ergonomic design, the Skorpio X5 presents a range of configurations and distinctive features, rendering it the ultimate companion for professionals navigating the intricacies of warehouses, shop floors, manufacturing facilities, and logistics centers.


Empowering Performance in the Toughest Conditions

Fueling the Skorpio X5's prowess is the Qualcomm® SDA660 System-on-Chip platform, a market leader clocked at 2.3 GHz. This power ensures top-tier performance, even in the most demanding applications. Operating on Google OS Android 10 with GMS, the device proudly carries the "Android Enterprise Recommended" (AER) rugged device validation from Google. Fully embracing rugged environments, the Skorpio X5 achieves an IP65 sealing rating and can endure repeated 1.8 m / 6.0 ft drops to concrete.


Masterful Scanning and Charging Flexibility

The Skorpio X5 redefines scanning with an array of comprehensive scan engine options, including the revolutionary Extra Long Range (XLR) scan engine. This innovation boasts unparalleled snappiness and reading performance, even when dealing with damaged or obscured barcodes. Charging is equally versatile, with the choice between cutting-edge 15-watt Wireless Charging or a classic pogo-pin connector version, which conveniently supports ethernet connectivity through the Skorpio cradle.


Visionary Display and Uninterrupted Operations

Featuring a category-leading 4.3’’ display, the Skorpio X5 offers enhanced visibility for applications of all kinds – from feature-rich interfaces to straightforward, easy-to-read screens. The high-visibility display adapts seamlessly to external environments, ensuring clarity regardless of surroundings. Moreover, the device's replaceable battery options (Standard 3500mAh or High Capacity 6200mAh) and hot-swappable battery technology, complemented by the Datalogic smart Battery Management application, empower businesses to maintain uninterrupted 24/7 operations, even in the most scan-intensive applications.



In the world of enterprise mobility solutions, the Skorpio X5 emerges as a game-changing force – resilient, adaptable, and relentlessly powerful. It's not just about rugged technology; it's about conquering challenges and pushing boundaries. Elevate your data capture capabilities with Skorpio X5 – where power meets ruggedness, and innovation meets performance.

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