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Price Tag plays a crucial role in your business. It stands out from the crowd and optimizes your profitability. Consumers won't be impressed to buy your food if your price tag is not appealing or does not grab customers’ attention. To increase your revenue for your business, you will need to consider getting more eye-catching and look more professional price tags. You can even do your own personalization for your cards with our price tag PVC card printer!

Let's talk about our price tag card printer in Singapore and its characteristics.

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Edikio Flex lets you print your buffet tags on plastic cards. Display all necessary information to your customers on customized presentation tags will enhance the look of your buffet.

  • Maximum flexibility and responsiveness print your labels on demand, directly at your point of sale, and benefit from up-to-date labeling in a few seconds.

  • Independence: free yourself from delivery lead times and minimum order quantities set by your label suppliers.

  • Unique labels: personalize your price tags by adding your logo and your choice of graphic features to stand out from your competitors.                                  
  • Professional appearance on your display stands: create harmony across all your shelves and spark customer interest with attractive labels.  
  • Clear and legible communication with black labels printed in white with a chalkboard finish
  • Ideal dimensions: the credit card format is an ideal size to highlight your products on the display stands.
  • Hygiene and durability: very easy to clean, PVC cards are resistant to cold and moisture.
  • Display consumer information about your products in compliance with applicable regulations:

              - Product name

              - Price and unit of measurement

              - Allergens: in compliance with the European INCO regulation of December 2014.

              - Food safety: origin and composition

              - Compatibility with their type of diet: allergies, particular diets, customs, traditions, or religious practices

              - Responsible consumption: organic and/or locally produced product



Edikio Flex PVC Card Printers can fit Price tags for Supermarkets, Grocery, Retail, and Food & Beverage, which are some of the industries that you can invest our card printers into. Most importantly, it can print out nice and appealing price tags for your businesses, depending on the requirements of your industry.

Price Tag Printing never seems difficult to do as it comes with card design software which makes it easier for the user to do easy design and customization. The interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use. The setting up is pretty simple, just plug it between your computer and the card printer jack and you are ready to print.

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