Evolis Primacy 2 printer is a versatile, high-performance ID card printer. With one of the fastest print speeds on the market and a high-capacity feeder and hopper. Its high-resolution printing mode and color profile capabilities produce stunning results, close to actual colors with a high-quality finish. That being said, it is definitely a big improvement from Primacy.

Let’s read more to understand the basic characteristics of Primacy 2 card printer.

Print Module

Primacy 2 comes with either a single-sided or a double-sided module, depending on your requirements. If you are looking to print both sides of the card, then it is more logical to get a double-sided module.


Print Resolution

The card printer has a print resolution of 300 dpi for color and monochrome, if you want to get sharper and better image quality, you can go up to 600 dpi for it. You will be amazed by the results.


Print Speeds

For single-sided printing, you can print up to 280 cards per hour for color printing (YMCKO), and for double-sided printing, you can print up to 170 cards per hour for color and black monochrome printing (YMCKOK).


Rewritable Technology

Primacy 2 has a Rewritable Technology, which means you can print on rewritable cards. This feature, allows you to print, erase, and reprint it on the same card in a matter of seconds.



Although this feature doesn’t really matter to most of us, it is a good feature to have for Primacy 2. It comes with three security features:

  • Digital Erasing – It ensures data sent to the Primacy 2 printer is deleted once used. This digital erasing is a feature that IT teams and network managers will love because this will keep companies safe from security breach.


  • Kineclipse® option – It instantly erases data from the used printer ribbons. This is a feature where we are seeing getting more popular across all the new ID card printers.


  • Mechanical key lock option – With the mechanical locking, if you want to use the printer, you can access the interior of the machine and the card feeder is only accessible via lock and the key. It means that all components that could get stolen are 100% protected.


Ease Of Use

Primacy 2 aims to make card printing as easy as possible. For setting up, card issuance, and day-to-day tasks (e.g., printer cleaning and ribbon changes) can be completed within minutes. This will save minimal downtime and increase productivity.


Optional Upgrades

There are several optional upgrade features for you to choose from when you purchased your Primacy 2 card printer. It is for you to see which upgrade features you truly prefer, and customize it according to your preferences to make sure that it is right for you.

Upgrade options include magnetic stripe and smart card encoding, a card scanner feature, a lamination module, optional security features, and Wi-fi connectivity.


Comparison with Primacy vs Primacy 2

Here comes the exciting part, you can take a look below at the comparison between Primacy and Primacy 2. 

Comparision between Primacy and Primacy 2


We can clearly see Primacy 2 does more things than Primacy and have more additional features that cater to us.  It is a better choice to choose Primacy 2 over Primacy.



Primacy 2, in terms of printing technology, printing speed, and feeder capacity performed better than Primacy. Not only these, it also gives color profile, with also the new added features that most of us might be interested to look at. You may be thinking, it does not benefit me for the new features, why should I go for Primacy 2 instead? It is because of the new technology that Primacy 2 has, and to some extent, it did perform better than Primacy. It is therefore a good decision to choose Primacy 2.

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