Myths and Benefits of Wireless Charging
By Datalogic

myths and benefits of wireless charging



4 Curious MYTHS about Wireless Charging:

1) Battery Charging Temperature Affects Battery Life:

Fact: Qi-certified devices are rigorously tested to ensure battery temperatures meet specific requirements to protect against overheating and reducing battery life.

2) Foreign Objects Initiate Charging

Fact: Qi-certified devices include safety precautions for Foreign Object detection that prevents energy from emitting from the charger if an object that isn't the device is detected.

3) Electromagnetic Induction is a Health Concern

Fact: Qi wireless charging radiates minimal energy that dissipates immediately. These devices are certified by the FCC and accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) ensuring there are no health concerns.

4) Wireless Charging is inefficient

Fact: The efficiency of the charging system varies by design. The analysis presented by the Wireless Power Consortium illustrates that a wireless charging design can be as efficient as wired chargers.

6 Proven BENEFITS of Wireless Charging:

1) Unparalleled Reliability

Charging contacts are the No. 1 cause of hardware failure for enterprise devices.* Wireless charging has no contact delivering a dramatic reduction in device maintenance and repairs.
*VDC Research

2) Maximized Uptime

Wireless charging eliminates contacts radically reducing failure rates and eliminating contact maintenance and cleaning, significantly improving uptime.

3) Better Performance

Options are available for fast wireless charging with no compromise to performance so handheld devices can return to service quickly.

4) Full Interoperability

Qi-certified devices will work with any Qi wireless charger, enterprise or consumer-grade. A specific brand of charger isn't required.

5) Ease of Use

No cables and no physical connection, coupled with electronics that assures proper charging, makes wireless charging easy to use with zero risks of making a wrong connection.

6) Future Proof

Wireless charging is expanding rapidly for use in laptops, tablets and other devices. Wireless charging is being built into cars, desks, and other furnishings at offices, airports, and restaurants.