Personalise & print your school cards yourself, on-site, on-demand!

Promote a sense of belonging among students and secure access to your premises with personalised ID cards.
  • Identification
    • Easily identify your students & staff by issuing your own Student Card.  
  • On-Demand Printing
    • Save company resources with low printing cost per card.
  • Durability
    • Plastic cards are more resistance & tamper-proof, thus strengthens the security of your school.
Simple & Easy-to-use intuitive software:
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For many purposes:
Excursion Contact Card
Bag Tag
Locker ID Card
Teacher ID/Access Card
Introducing Badgy All-in-one Solution:
BADGY is a user-friendly solution: both the card designer software & card printer are easy to use. It empowers you to print your own customised cards, with professional quality, whenever & wherever you want! This solution allows the instant production of personalised secure cards for all kinds of applications.