By Datalogic

Industrial, Yet Ergonomic, and now Auto Range!



Datalogic is pleased to announce the new PowerScan PD95X1 Auto Range (AR) Series, the top performing industrial hand held corded scanner with extra-long range scanning capabilities on 1D/2D codes.

This addition further expands the PowerScan 9000 family offering by including the Auto Range 2D imaging models.

The PowerScan 95X1 AR reader has a powerful autofocus system that allows the scanner to read from a short distance of 15 cm / 6 in to a distance of more than 20 m / 65 ft with a fast focus adjustment, allowing the operator to move easily from a closeup bar code to a bar code at the top of a warehouse rack.

A powerful LED lighting system projects a regular pattern with sharp edges that can be used as a field of view indicator in the closeup field, while a laser aimer enables the visibility of the scanner aimer at long distances.

This launch of the PowerScan 95X1 AR imager series consists of a corded desk model (PD9531-AR) and product kits.


Typical Applications:

- Factory Automation: Material Picking, Shipping/Receiving, Order Processing
- Warehouse/Logistic Center: Forklift Picking applications, VMT integration, Warehouse management

Key Features:

- New Datalogic 2D auto range technology
- Outstanding reading performances from 15 cm / 6 in up to more than 20 m / 65 ft
- Fast auto focus system
- Resolution capability up to 3 mils on 1D codes
- IP65 water and particulate sealing rating
- Drop resistance to 2.0 m / 6.6 ft