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E-commerce in Singapore is booming, with sales forecasted to hit $13.4 billion by 2026. The rising demand coupled with evolving consumer behaviour has a significant impact on the logistics industry and more needs to be done to keep the supply chain going.

Luckily, utilising labels and labelling technology such as label printers and scanners can help to make processes more efficient to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Here are some reasons why labelling is essential in the logistics industry.

1. Aids in communication

From warehouse staff to delivery drivers, countless people in the logistics process can make consistent and accurate communication a challenge. Labels act as a communication tool because employees only need to scan the barcodes to access information such as the number of packages per order and the location delivers. Instead of relaying information verbally, using label printers to produce labels that can be tagged to items helps prevent miscommunication and human error.

2. Allows quick identification

Online shoppers expect timely and quick delivery. A simple and quick scan using a label scanner allows quick identification of items so that they can dispatch swiftly to ensure delivery does not get delayed. Labels make the process more straightforward, improving employees’ productivity and efficiency.

3. Prevents delivery delays

Ensuring an item goes to the right destination is crucial so as to prevent delivery delays, which is why a label that is durable and contains clear information is required. Companies in the logistics industry must invest in a label printer that can churn out high-quality and long-lasting labels that will withstand changes in temperature and weather throughout the entire delivery process. This removes the need to extend delivery timeframes which can result in damaged parcels, especially when it comes to perishable items.

barcode label printer for easy tracking

4. Helps with tracking

Labels can use to mark products, goods, boxes, and pallets with their unique barcodes to enable easy tracking of assets in a large warehouse. Inventory management will no longer be a chore by scanning the barcode on the label to stock take or locate a particular item quickly. This process monitors those items that come in and go out of the warehouse to prevent loss or theft.

6. Encourages continuous improvement

When a barcode is scanned on a label, information gets logged. And these valuable insights can be used by logistics companies to improve their processes. For instance, the delivery time can be trackable when the delivery man scans the barcode on the label before passing the parcel to the customer. Management will use this information to monitor employees' productivity and set appropriate KPIs to encourage improvement.

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