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Evolis Letter Of Distributorship - ALC Technologies Pte Ltd

Tuesday, January 3, 2023 9:44:11 AM Asia/Singapore

Evolis Letter Of Distributorship

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Primacy 2: New Features and Advantages for Your Business

Friday, December 9, 2022 10:33:45 AM Asia/Singapore

Evolis Primacy 2 printer is a versatile, high-performance ID card printer. With one of the fastest print speeds on the market and a high-capacity feeder and hopper. Its high-resolution printing mode and color profile capabilities produce stunning results, close to actual colors with a high-quality finish. That being said, it is definitely a big improvement from Primacy.

Let’s read more to understand the basic characteristics of Primacy 2 card printer.

Print Module

Primacy 2 comes with either a single-sided or a double-sided module, depending on your requirements. If you are looking to print both sides of the card, then it is more logical to get a double-sided module.


Print Resolution

The card printer has a print resolution of 300 dpi for color and monochrome, if you want to get sharper and better image quality, you can go up to 600 dpi for it. You will be amazed by the results.


Print Speeds

For single-sided printing, you can print up to 280 cards per hour for color printing (YMCKO), and for double-sided printing, you can print up to 170 cards per hour for color and black monochrome printing (YMCKOK).


Rewritable Technology

Primacy 2 has a Rewritable Technology, which means you can print on rewritable cards. This feature, allows you to print, erase, and reprint it on the same card in a matter of seconds.



Although this feature doesn’t really matter to most of us, it is a good feature to have for Primacy 2. It comes with three security features:

  • Digital Erasing – It ensures data sent to the Primacy 2 printer is deleted once used. This digital erasing is a feature that IT teams and network managers will love because this will keep companies safe from security breach.


  • Kineclipse® option – It instantly erases data from the used printer ribbons. This is a feature where we are seeing getting more popular across all the new ID card printers.


  • Mechanical key lock option – With the mechanical locking, if you want to use the printer, you can access the interior of the machine and the card feeder is only accessible via lock and the key. It means that all components that could get stolen are 100% protected.


Ease Of Use

Primacy 2 aims to make card printing as easy as possible. For setting up, card issuance, and day-to-day tasks (e.g., printer cleaning and ribbon changes) can be completed within minutes. This will save minimal downtime and increase productivity.


Optional Upgrades

There are several optional upgrade features for you to choose from when you purchased your Primacy 2 card printer. It is for you to see which upgrade features you truly prefer, and customize it according to your preferences to make sure that it is right for you.

Upgrade options include magnetic stripe and smart card encoding, a card scanner feature, a lamination module, optional security features, and Wi-fi connectivity.


Comparison with Primacy vs Primacy 2

Here comes the exciting part, you can take a look below at the comparison between Primacy and Primacy 2. 

Comparision between Primacy and Primacy 2


We can clearly see Primacy 2 does more things than Primacy and have more additional features that cater to us.  It is a better choice to choose Primacy 2 over Primacy.



Primacy 2, in terms of printing technology, printing speed, and feeder capacity performed better than Primacy. Not only these, it also gives color profile, with also the new added features that most of us might be interested to look at. You may be thinking, it does not benefit me for the new features, why should I go for Primacy 2 instead? It is because of the new technology that Primacy 2 has, and to some extent, it did perform better than Primacy. It is therefore a good decision to choose Primacy 2.

Want to know more about our Primacy 2 Card Printer?

Contact us today at! 

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Datalogic PowerScan 9600 - Lab 2

The PowerScan 9600 is the top-ranging 2D handheld industrial barcode scanner in the best-selling PowerScan series from Datalogic, helping you smash your traceability targets. This IP65 and IP67 rated scanner can withstand 2.5 m drops onto hard concrete, and the trigger is tested to resist up to 10 million hits. Even though it is impervious to dirt and water, it is charged wirelessly in its cradle. It gives maximum performance while protecting your bottom line at a great price!

Datalogic PowerScan 9600 - Lab 3

This 2D handheld barcode scanner features all the standard benefits associated with Datalogic industrial handheld scanners, but now with embedded industrial connectivity, allowing simple interfacing with a PC, Industrial PC, Tablet, or PLCs. The plug-and-play architecture helps to maintain network integrity and is easily configurable between RS-232, USB, USB-C, Ethernet, Ethernet I/P, or Profinet. Any future standards or changes to your networking setup are easy to switch to within minutes.

The rugged barcode scanner range offers three different performance levels, depending on your application, with read rates 20% faster than competitive products. The Standard Range model is equipped with a single camera for capturing low-density 1D and 2D codes within normal reading ranges. For longer distance reading, choose the High-Performance reader with a dual camera. The Document Capture model will take colour images for quality control or signatory confirmation. As with all Datalogic scanners, the PowerScan 9600 series provides gentle white light illumination and outputs a successful ‘Green Spot’ for a successful read, even on damaged or dirty barcodes, all at a great price for handheld scanners.


The 9600 rugged barcode scanner is the new generation of barcode scanners for most environments like manufacturing, intralogistics, and retail, providing you with the best productivity and efficiency for your work. Not only that, but it also provides maximum performance and connectivity, which means there is no need for third-party devices as the communication modules are exchangeable in the cradle, and inline for the wired version. The PowerScan 9600 series is an easy choice with great flexibility, extreme reliability, and pricing regarding handheld scanners.

Want to know more about our PowerScan 9600 Series Industrial Scanner? Contact us today at!

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Should You Be Printing Your Price Tags for Your Business?

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 10:25:52 AM Asia/Singapore

Edikio Flex - Pastry Image 1

Price Tag plays a crucial role in your business. It stands out from the crowd and optimizes your profitability. Consumers won't be impressed to buy your food if your price tag is not appealing or does not grab customers’ attention. To increase your revenue for your business, you will need to consider getting more eye-catching and look more professional price tags. You can even do your own personalization for your cards with our price tag PVC card printer!

Let's talk about our price tag card printer in Singapore and its characteristics.

Edikio Flex - Pastry Image 2

Edikio Flex lets you print your buffet tags on plastic cards. Display all necessary information to your customers on customized presentation tags will enhance the look of your buffet.

  • Maximum flexibility and responsiveness print your labels on demand, directly at your point of sale, and benefit from up-to-date labeling in a few seconds.

  • Independence: free yourself from delivery lead times and minimum order quantities set by your label suppliers.

  • Unique labels: personalize your price tags by adding your logo and your choice of graphic features to stand out from your competitors.                                  
  • Professional appearance on your display stands: create harmony across all your shelves and spark customer interest with attractive labels.  
  • Clear and legible communication with black labels printed in white with a chalkboard finish
  • Ideal dimensions: the credit card format is an ideal size to highlight your products on the display stands.
  • Hygiene and durability: very easy to clean, PVC cards are resistant to cold and moisture.
  • Display consumer information about your products in compliance with applicable regulations:

              - Product name

              - Price and unit of measurement

              - Allergens: in compliance with the European INCO regulation of December 2014.

              - Food safety: origin and composition

              - Compatibility with their type of diet: allergies, particular diets, customs, traditions, or religious practices

              - Responsible consumption: organic and/or locally produced product



Edikio Flex PVC Card Printers can fit Price tags for Supermarkets, Grocery, Retail, and Food & Beverage, which are some of the industries that you can invest our card printers into. Most importantly, it can print out nice and appealing price tags for your businesses, depending on the requirements of your industry.

Price Tag Printing never seems difficult to do as it comes with card design software which makes it easier for the user to do easy design and customization. The interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use. The setting up is pretty simple, just plug it between your computer and the card printer jack and you are ready to print.

Want to know more about our price tag card printers? Contact us today at!

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5 Reasons Why Labelling Is Essential In The Logistics Industry

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 12:43:30 PM Asia/Singapore

ALC label printers in singapore

E-commerce in Singapore is booming, with sales forecasted to hit $13.4 billion by 2026. The rising demand coupled with evolving consumer behaviour has a significant impact on the logistics industry and more needs to be done to keep the supply chain going.

Luckily, utilising labels and labelling technology such as label printers and scanners can help to make processes more efficient to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Here are some reasons why labelling is essential in the logistics industry.

1. Aids in communication

From warehouse staff to delivery drivers, countless people in the logistics process can make consistent and accurate communication a challenge. Labels act as a communication tool because employees only need to scan the barcodes to access information such as the number of packages per order and the location delivers. Instead of relaying information verbally, using label printers to produce labels that can be tagged to items helps prevent miscommunication and human error.

2. Allows quick identification

Online shoppers expect timely and quick delivery. A simple and quick scan using a label scanner allows quick identification of items so that they can dispatch swiftly to ensure delivery does not get delayed. Labels make the process more straightforward, improving employees’ productivity and efficiency.

3. Prevents delivery delays

Ensuring an item goes to the right destination is crucial so as to prevent delivery delays, which is why a label that is durable and contains clear information is required. Companies in the logistics industry must invest in a label printer that can churn out high-quality and long-lasting labels that will withstand changes in temperature and weather throughout the entire delivery process. This removes the need to extend delivery timeframes which can result in damaged parcels, especially when it comes to perishable items.

barcode label printer for easy tracking

4. Helps with tracking

Labels can use to mark products, goods, boxes, and pallets with their unique barcodes to enable easy tracking of assets in a large warehouse. Inventory management will no longer be a chore by scanning the barcode on the label to stock take or locate a particular item quickly. This process monitors those items that come in and go out of the warehouse to prevent loss or theft.

6. Encourages continuous improvement

When a barcode is scanned on a label, information gets logged. And these valuable insights can be used by logistics companies to improve their processes. For instance, the delivery time can be trackable when the delivery man scans the barcode on the label before passing the parcel to the customer. Management will use this information to monitor employees' productivity and set appropriate KPIs to encourage improvement.

At ALC Global, we carry a wide range of industrial printers that will help you meet all your label printing needs.

Want to find out more about our label and industrial printers? Contact us today!

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Your Guide To Label, ID Card & Barcode Printers In Singapore For Your Business

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 12:27:30 PM Asia/Singapore

Your Guide To Label, ID Card & Barcode Printers In Singapore For Your Business

What is a printer? You might think it is a conventional printer that copies or scans documents. But it is not what you think. Many printers on the market do more than copy or scan jobs; they serve different purposes and are in business needs for varying reasons.

Label printers, barcode printers, and ID card printers are some examples of printers readily available in Singapore.

While not all of these printers require by every business, they can be very beneficial depending on which industry your company is in and your business goals.

If you are looking to expand your business or looking into improving processes at work, here is the guide to everything you need to know about a label, ID card, and barcode printer.

Part 2 - All about the printers your business needs

2.1 What is a label, ID card and barcode printer?

What is a label, ID card and barcode printer in Singapore

Before delving deeper into how investing in one of these printers will benefit your business, it is important to understand what they do and how they work so you can make informed decisions.

  • Label printer

    When it comes to printing, you will see labels. Labels are part of the printer, and it is everywhere around us. We paste everyday objects like our personal care products to food packaging, deliver parcels, and manage patients to make the processes more efficient. Label printer is essential for most businesses in numerous industries, ranging from food and beverage to logistics and healthcare.

    There are two main types of regular label printers and industrial label printers.

    Desktop and mobile printers are typically categorized under regular label printers as they are smaller in size; ideally placed in the office.

    An industrial printer is different from a regular printer. It designs to cater to intensive printing needs. Choosing the correct type of label printer is the key to improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Whereas your business deals with large deliveries and needs to print thousands of labels daily, industrial printers may be more suitable for quicker printing.

    Label printers are also equipped with two types of thermal printing capabilities - direct thermal and thermal transfer.

    What are the differences between the two? You might be wondering. Direct Thermal utilizes chemically treated and heat-sensitive labels that will blacken when it passes under the thermal printhead, where Thermal Transfer uses wax or resin-based heated ribbon that transfers ink to the printing label.

    Direct thermal printing has good readability and scannability. Labels produced are sensitive to heat and light and may darken when overexposed to these conditions. On the contrary, thermal transfer printing provides maximum readability, scannability, and image stability.

    Choosing a label printer with the appropriate printing method is vital as direct thermal printing is a cost-effective alternative that is good for products with a short shelf life. Thermal transfer printing is perfect for labels that require traceability.

  • ID card printer

    Another indispensable printer all businesses need is an ID card printer that does so much more than just printing staff passes for your employees. It has other uses such as printing membership cards and loyalty cards that will help to make your money’s worth while benefitting your company at the same time too.

    The machine prints on plastic (PVC) cards and works the same way a typical inkjet printer does but printing on plastic requires a different process and internal parts. This is so that the machine is able to churn out durable cards without putting the equipment at risk of malfunctioning. Despite its complex mechanics, ID card printing is a fairly quick and simple process - the machine sucks in a blank white PVC card, prints your customised design and produces the card with all the details on it.

    Just like a label printer, there are also different types of ID card printers to suit varying business needs. A single-sided printer only prints on one side of the card, leaving the flip side blank which makes it ideal for cards that need manual checking and does not require a magnetic stripe to be swiped through a reader. A dual-sided printer is quite the opposite as it allows printing on both sides of the card, great for cards requiring plenty of data fields and a magnetic stripe or area for signature.

    A laminating printer produces high-quality PVC cards too, but with an additional clear protective polyester film layer. This protects the card against UV radiation to extend its lifespan, as well as increases security with a holographic option to prevent forgery.

    Last but not least, a retransfer ID card printer uses a two-step printing process in which the design is printed onto a durable overlay transfer film, before bonding onto the card’s surface using heat and pressure. The end result is cards with HD quality printing for added professionalism.

  • Barcode printer

    Not sure if you need a barcode printer for your business in Singapore? Hear me out. Investing in a barcode printer is a cost-effective and reliable way to produce barcode labels that can be attached to different products for various uses by businesses in many industries.

    Utilising a comprehensive barcoding system that works hand in hand with a barcode printer and barcode scanner is also necessary to maximise productivity in the workplace.

    Like a label printer, a barcode printer is also equipped with direct thermal and thermal transfer capabilities.

    This essential equipment will come in handy especially if your business requires information to be accessed quickly and easily, and if traceability plays a huge role in your supply chain.

2.2 Reasons to get these printers for your business

Reasons to get these printers for your business Barcode Printers In Singapore

At this point, you should be able to understand and differentiate between a label, ID card, and barcode printers. But how are these can benefit your business? Let's find out.

Why invest in a label printer?

  • Save costs

    Getting an in-house label printer has many benefits but one of the biggest reasons to invest in one is the ability to save costs in the long run. It removes the need to outsource suppliers or the requirement of meeting the minimum order quantity which will only result in your business paying more ultimately. Additionally, there is no need to worry about having to pay extra when last-minute design changes need to be made because everything is in your control.

  • Save time

    When you outsource your label printing needs, time spent liaising with the supplier and arranging deliveries may sometimes result in delays. But with an in-house label printer, you will no longer have to fret about delivery delays or your employees spending too much time than necessary dealing with back and forth correspondence. The time saved can then be used to prioritise important tasks, effectively improving employee productivity.

  • Achieve production flexibility

    The traditional labelling process involves designing, ordering, making changes, accepting, waiting for printed labels and finally, applying the labels. With a label printer, all you need to do is design, make changes, print and apply the labels; a much shorter process that helps your business achieve production flexibility so that last-minute changes, printing new designs and getting approvals will be a breeze.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Did you know that there are about 3.3 million people shopping in the e-commerce market in Singapore? Naturally, this demand has shaped customer behaviour and calls for more efficient deliveries. With an in-house label printer, printing labels anytime to achieve swift delivery will no longer be a problem since there is no need to rely on an external supplier and their operating hours. When your business is able to get shipments out as soon as possible, customer satisfaction increases along with brand loyalty.

Why invest in an ID card printer?

  • Cost-effective

    Purchasing an ID card printer for your business may be costly at first but it will undeniably be a cost-effective investment when you get to save on the time, effort and extra costs you would otherwise have to spend by hiring an external supplier. With an in-house ID card printer, you will be able to print staff passes anytime a new employee joins.

  • Enhance security

    A laminating printer will also be beneficial for your business as it can add a high level of security to cards to prevent fraud or tampering. The addition of a holographic laminate exhibits dimensional characteristics, keeping important cards like employee badges and access passes safe from illegal activities since they are harder to replicate.

  • Several uses

    Other than just printing ID cards, an ID card printer can also be used to print membership cards, reward and loyalty cards, event passes, gift cards and even business cards. Getting an in-house ID card printer allows you to maximise its benefits since there is more than one use for this nifty equipment.

  • Professional

    An ID card printer also churns out professionally produced cards that are free from errors or mistakes, giving both your employees and customers a good impression of your company.

Why invest in a barcode printer?

  • Easy to use

    A barcode printer might sound difficult to use but creating custom labels is actually a quick and simple process. Thanks to the advancements in technology and the importance of a customer-centric approach, barcode printers have evolved over the years and are now user-friendly. Simply install it, then pair it with a barcode system and barcode scanner, and it will be ready to use in no time.

  • High resolution and accuracy

    When you outsource your barcode label printing needs, chances are you will not be able to dictate whether your supplier uses direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. While both printing options have their pros and cons, getting your own barcode printer allows you to choose your preferred printing method. This ensures that the end product is of a high-quality and meets your needs and expectations. For instance, choosing thermal transfer printing will help you to achieve labels with a higher resolution.

  • Print as you need

    Regardless of whether you need a single print or hundreds of them, having your own barcode printer means that your business will not have to conform to requirements set by external suppliers. This allows you to print as you need, avoiding delays or downtime that can greatly affect your business.

  • Traceability

    Barcode printers and barcode scanners make traceability easier and more flexible too. A simple scanning of the barcode reveals important information and can be used for tracking to manage inventory with ease.

2.3 How will these printers transform your business?

Barcode Printers In Singapore Benefits

Investing in a label, barcode, or ID printer is something to consider with benefits like easy-to-use equipment and getting to save costs and time, it can transform your business for success.

  • Improve employee productivity

    Employees are the backbone of any business. Showing that you care about them is crucial to retaining staff and encouraging them to work harder. The solution is to invest in printers will take away the time spent on liaising with external vendors. It also allows them to focus their time and effort on other tasks, improving productivity to achieve work-life balance.

  • Open up new opportunities

    Some businesses didn't ever think of introducing rewards and loyalty programs for their customers. With an ID card printer, new opportunities are presented for your business to leverage to reap the benefits. It also can be used to print reward cards to issue to your customers, constantly reminding them of your brand to improve brand image and loyalty.

  • Create more jobs

    Giving people job opportunities is one way to give back to the community. By investing in these printers, your business will essentially be doing so. Hiring employees with experience in handling such equipment helps to create more job opportunities while training existing staff so that they learn how to operate the printers allowing them to upgrade their skills. If the bulk of your business requires label printers to churn out labels that can be attached to parcels, creating more jobs will ultimately benefit your company.

Part 3 - Getting a label, ID card and barcode printer in Singapore

3.1 Additional supplies your business will need to fully utilise the printers

Think of getting a label, ID card, or barcode printer for your business? Before you do so, it is essential to understand that getting these printers is not a one-and-done deal. There are additional supplies that will be required so that your business can utilize the printers. Regular servicing and maintenance are the things to consider to keep the equipment in well-maintained condition to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Here are the extra supplies you will need.

Label and barcode printers

Both printers work similarly and also require similar supplies.

  • Thermal printheads

    Often considered the most important part of a printer, the thermal printhead comes into contact with thermally sensitive materials to print words and designs on labels. It can last about 10 years on average, thanks to the few moving parts that result in less breakage and are easy to maintain.

  • Thermal transfer ribbons

    A thermal transfer ribbon is a polyester film coated with different layers and as it passes over the heated print head, it melts onto the label to print your labels.

  • Cleaning supplies

    Your label and barcode printer can become dirty from dust, adhesives and grease particles, affecting how efficiently they work. Thus, using specially designed thermal printer wipes, cards and swabs help to ensure that the equipment stays clean to extend its lifespan and works as good as new.

  • Barcode labels

    Barcode labels are crucial supplies too, as they are needed for a barcode printer to work. They typically come in white but you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your business needs.

  • Barcode scanner

    Barcode labels are indispensable. Barcode scanners are also necessary to access the information stored in the barcodes. Choose between a 1D or 2D scanner to suit your business needs.

    Here are their differences to help you make informed decisions.

    Barcode scanner Printers In Singapore

    Source : swiftpro-printer

ID card printer

  • ID card design software

    An ID card printer will not be complete without design software, the ultimate tool to create professional-looking cards. Most of them are designed to be user-friendly so they do not require a graphic designer to run them and have large databases for optimum performance. Use the design software to create staff passes, access cards and many more.

  • Blank ID cards

    Blank ID cards are required so your design can print on them. Choose from coloured ones to RFID and magnetic ones to suit your needs.

  • Cleaning supplies

    Regular cleaning is also important when it comes to ID card printers; make use of wipes, cards and swabs to keep the machine in tip-top condition.

3.2 Important things to take note of when using these printers

Take note that additional supplies are not all - here are other things to consider when purchasing a label, ID card, or barcode printer.

Things to consider when buying a label or barcode printer

  • Size of labels

    Have any special requirements when asking about the size and quality of labels? They are available in varying sizes and quality. Therefore, it is recommended to evaluate your business needs before purchasing.

  • Resolution or speed

    Is the resolution of the prints or speed of the printer more of a concern for your business? Consider which is more important, as lower resolution prints require less printing time and vice versa.

  • Connectivity

    Which device will you need the label printer or barcode printer to be connected to? Different printers come equipped with different connectivity options, ranging from WiFi to Bluetooth and ethernet.

  • Printer size and volume

    Industrial printers that are bigger in size can print more labels in a day while regular printers may lack the capacity to print the same volume of labels.

  • Price and long-term costs

    The initial price you pay for a label printer or barcode printer varies according to its functionality and size. However, you need to consider long-term costs too such as purchasing supplies and scheduling maintenance.

  • Add-ons

    You may require RFID labels if your business wants to search, identify, track and communicate with items and people easily. This is an example of an add-on that should be considered when purchasing barcode printers.

  • Support

    Choose printers that come with large, global support organisations so that when you encounter technical issues, the technicians are readily available to help.

Things to consider when buying an ID card printer

  • Printer size and volume

    Like a label or barcode printer, the size and printing volume of an ID card printer are equally important. This affects the number of cards you can print on a daily basis, especially during busy periods such as large events or company orientation where hundreds or thousands of people are awaiting their cards.

  • Card appearance

    Choose between single or dual-sided cards, coloured cards, RFID cards or magnetic cards according to your business needs. Different types of cards will affect the appearance of the end product as well.

  • Security

    Protecting confidential data is a must, especially when printing ID cards that contain sensitive information. Thus, choosing an ID card printer that is equipped with functions like password access ensures that information is kept confidential, enhancing security in return.

3.3 Industries that will benefit from using these printers

Industries that will benefit from using these printers in Singapore

Almost every company in various industries will be able to benefit from using a label, ID card or barcode printer but here is how they may come in handy, according to your industry. The list is non-exhaustive and serves as a guide.


  • Make quick changes to labels whenever there is a change in prices

  • Label inventory correctly and accurately to help with inventory management


  • Make use of barcode printing and scanning to register and identify patients quickly

  • Reduce human error when it comes to administering medications and treatments as all information will be tagged to the barcodes

  • Seamless tracking of medical equipment or supplies by scanning barcodes


  • RFID labelling helps to achieve quick and accurate tracking

  • Labels are important to avoid mistakes or delays, improving delivery time and quality

  • Quick identification of parcels or assets in the warehouse by scanning barcodes


  • Print ID cards for all staff and students for easy identification

  • Enhance security by restricting access which can only be granted with the appropriate cards

  • ID cards can double up as library or meal cards for all staff and students, helping to save costs

Shop label, ID card and barcode printers in Singapore

ALC Global is a one-stop shop for all your label, ID card and barcode printing needs. We have a wide range of printers from well-known brands such as Evolis.

Contact us to find out more about what we offer and how they can benefit your business!

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Teklynx Certified Reseller – ALC Technologies Pte Ltd

Monday, August 15, 2022 3:19:47 PM Asia/Singapore

Teklynx Certified Reseller – ALC Technologies Pte Ltd

In recognition of outstanding support and commitment as a Certified Reseller by providing TEKLYNX Software Solutions in Singapore and Malaysia.

ALC Technologies provides a complete range of Teklynx products which include Labelview, Codesoft, Labelmatrix, Sentinel, and Teklynx Central in Singapore and Malaysia.

With our commitment, we provide services such as onsite installation, training, and configuration of Teklynx software.

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Happy 57th National Day!

Monday, August 8, 2022 1:53:10 PM Asia/Singapore

happy national day alc 2022

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Certificate Of Partnership: DataLogic Platinum Partner 2022

Wednesday, August 3, 2022 5:07:34 PM Asia/Singapore

Certificate Of Partnership DataLogic Platinum Partner 2022

For the year 2022, ALC Technologies has been recognized as outstanding support and committed partner with Datalogic. We are an approved member of the Platinum Partner in the partnership with Datalogic.

At ALC Technologies, we provide a range of Datalogic products, including Barcode Scanners, and Mobile Computers. From Retail to Manufacturing Industries, closeness and timely response to every customer requirements, together with continuous innovation and high-quality offering are the elements at the base of Datalogic's success for over 40 years.

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6 ID Card Printer Uses That Will Help Your Business Get Its Money's Worth

Monday, June 13, 2022 12:39:49 PM Asia/Singapore

ID card format

Getting an ID card printer is a great investment as it has a wide range of printing and data capabilities that will benefit your business.

For instance, you will get to enhance security and safety at the workplace by mandating ID card printing for all employees as identification. The ID cards will also restrict employees’ or outsiders’ access to unauthorised areas so as to prevent theft.

However, there is more with an ID card printer. Here are six uses to help your business get its money's worth.

  1. Staff pass

    Printing staff passes for all employees is a great way to identify them with ease and improve safety at the same time. Employees will need to scan their ID cards before entering the premises which means unauthorised persons will not be granted access and will, in turn, help to reduce the chances of theft.

    Additionally, employees’ access to certain areas will be recorded whenever they scan their ID cards and this helps to monitor any misuse of equipment or suspicious activity.

  2. Membership card

    If your business has a membership program, you may want to consider printing physical membership cards using an ID card printer. This makes it more convenient for your customers to exercise their benefits such as checking purchase history and redeeming free gifts.

    The cards can be customised according to your business needs, such as including a magnetic stripe, barcode or QR code along with your brand name and logo. This also increases brand loyalty as your customers will be reminded of your brand whenever they see the membership card in their wallets.

    Using Cards in establishments

  3. Reward and loyalty cards

    Similar to membership cards, reward and loyalty cards are also perfect for businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, gyms and more.

    Use an ID card printer to print them, then pair the cards with a program that can accumulate points whenever your customers shop at your store or patronise your business.

    With benefits such as a point system that will allow customers to redeem items for free, they will be more willing to share this with family and friends, indirectly helping you to promote your business.

  4. Event passes

    Printing event passes using an ID card printer is an efficient way to track attendance and give certain eventgoers access to restricted areas.

    They can also help to differentiate between different people, such as those with VIP tickets or backstage passes.

    Other than acting as a form of identification, event passes are also keepsakes for many as they last longer than digital or paper versions so investing in them is one of the best ways to promote your business.

    Company ID cards with details

  5. Business cards

    Printing business cards with an ID card printer makes a great impression than paper as they look more professional.

    The material used for the cards is Plastic, more durable than paper so that your cards will last longer, even if they are handled roughly by the people you are giving out.

  6. Gift cards

    Most businesses like printing gift cards on paper as this stands out from the crowd and the competitors by using an ID card printer.

    That makes it more presentable but can also prevent fraud as they are harder to replicate, unlike paper which is easy to reprint and use by other people.

Considering getting an ID card printer? Get our single-sided printers or card laminating printers aligning with your business needs.

Contact us today to find out more!

Posted in News By Philip Leong

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